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Luxury Hairdressing, Academy and Retail

Crate Cheshire, where the barbershop meets the salon. We strive to deliver the highest levels of service and beautiful haircuts, in an inclusive and professional space, specialising in all aspects of short hair, for all.

Grooming Salon/Barbershop of the Year - British Hairdressing Business Awards 2021

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Our Salons

At Crate Cheshire, the idea was to create an atmosphere that's both laid-back and stylish. We've curated a space that is smart, multi-functional and fashionable, making it a real destination for our clients. Whether they want to work, relax, or even hold meetings, we've got it covered. There's plenty of space, a dedicated lounge area and a well-stocked drink bar, ensuring our clients have everything they need.


In terms of design, we maintain a consistent look across all three salons. The colour scheme and branding are identical, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment. The goal is to make clients feel welcome and at ease. It's not just about a space to wait for a haircut; it's about offering a place where clients can work, help themselves to coffee, cokes, beers, and truly make themselves at home.


As for the design process, we don't typically engage design agencies. It's more of an in-house effort, with input from the team, which is something we are really proud of. We aim to keep the designs cohesive, inviting and timeless.


Our Shop

To keep you feeling sharp in between visits, we sell our own range of Crate hair and face products in store, so you can take home a taste of luxury. 


Alternatively, if you're looking for gift ideas with a touch of class, our online store is available 24/7 for our Crate Cheshire products, gift vouchers and handcrafted candles and diffusers.

Book Today

Our highly skilled team of Stylists are ready to get you looking and feeling your very best self. 

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