Candle Care Advice

Our small batch, luxury soy & coconut wax candles are hand poured, using natural, renewable resources and no paraffins. Our candles burn for up to 40 hours when following our recommendations.


  • CAUTION: To prevent fire or injury, never leave a burning candle unattended

  • Keep out of reach of children or pets

  • Trim the wick to 5mm before each lighting

  • Protect surfaces with a heatproof mat in case of any accidental spillage

  • Allow your candle to cool before moving

  • Never burn your candle for longer than 3-4 hours at one time

  • Do not allow your candle to burn right to the base as this may cause a build up of heat in the glass container

  • PLEASE NOTE: As our candles are made 100% natural soy and coconut wax, you may experience some sweating or beading in the wax. Please rest assured, this does not effect the performance or quality of the candle

Diffuser Care Advice

Our small batch, luxury reed diffusers are hand poured in Cheshire. Our diffusers will last approximately 3 to 4 months when our recommendations are followed.


  • CAUTION: Contains flammable liquid - do not light or ingest

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets

  • Avoid getting oil directly onto your skin, if contact occurs, wash thoroughly

  • Do not place directly onto polished, painted or plastic surfaces in case of accidental spillage

  • To prolong the life of your diffuser, flip the reeds on a weekly basis or when scent becomes faint

  • Do not flip all the reeds at once

  • Avoid placing your diffuser in direct sunlight as this may cause the reeds to dry out